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This little website is to share ideas for parents to help with Early Intervention, Floortime, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Diets and other tips for parents of delayed kids.

When our son was 18 months old, he seemed to only understand and speak only about 3 words. At 26 months his expressive vocabulary was close to 50 word-approximations. At 3.9 years he learned to speak in short sentences and became quite interactive and liked simple games and playing with friends. By 4.5, he was very interactive and could answer most any concrete and "now" question, gesture, or overture as long as he was regulated (attentive, alert). You can read some of his "language"  in the Floortime talk section. By 4.5 he also became fully potty trained and learned to ride a trike. He also learned to copy his name with "Handwriting without tears" prompts.

Fast forward to today. 

Now he is in High School - amazing! Growing up fast and we love him dearly.

Many of the key ideas we found were effective at home when he was younger (under 5 years old) are described in the excel file "Homeideas," in the Resource files section.

Also, if your child is just starting therapy, there is a informational file in the uploaded files section.


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