Biomed is a nickname for the biomedical approach to helping kids with ASD and other special needs.

The book, Children with Starving Brains , is a parent friendly introduction to biomed. 

Giving supplements

Start with Enzymes. Enzymes are explained here one the site I believe they explain the purpose of each enzyme, the timing of eating. And then you can also read about chewable vs capsule. You need a certain quantity of each enzyme dependent on the amount of food being eaten. For example, my son gets 2 of zymeprime and 2 of AFP chewables at each restaurant meal. And one Super Digestive Enzyme at dinner.

Minerals (like Thorne Picmin) have very little taste – and since it is a mineral – you can cook with or sprinkle on hot food. Key is to give the proper dosage though.

Most multi-vitamins and most B vitamins (except B12) taste terrible - I would put in a shot glass and give him a reward (ie sticker chart) and water after, and something good to eat afterwards.

Buffered C you can add to a shot glass of vitamin mixture or add it to a tart drink - make one yucky shot glass of stuff

To save money on probiotic – you can give kombucha instead  ( – but kombucha will not have the variety of probiotic strains as in the capsule form. In early years of the diet I would open up the capsules and sprinkle into the yucko vitamin shot glass

We needed to bribe/teach him to drink one yucko shot glass of vitamins per meal. Then you can add all his supps into that shot glass. Or you have to teach him to swallow pills. I did only shot glass for many many years. He eventually learned to swallow pills, but we still do the shot glass – it is faster in terms of the time it takes for them to take their vitamins. I think the digestion of the vitamin as a little better too since any tablets are ground up into powder and added to the yucko shot glass. Tablets are a little harder to break up in your stomach.

Teaching Pill Swallowing
And search the web for articles on "
Teaching Pill Swallowing" 

Here are many more ideas for giving supplements:

Learn about supplements themselves: 


links  buy a copy of Dr JM's book her to join her amazing discussion group, she is a leading DAN! doctor  great starting point esp whole site is wonderful...  watch interviews with leading researchers   pediatrician with informative site
Hair test (heavy metals) great site salicylate content of foods the lab for immune system related testing, see articles section too great, free radio programs, some are on biomed, see the archived shows  SCD diet

Vit D testing at home  california restaurant ideas and more   comprehensive list of what's gfcf (see "enter here" at the bottom of the page)  to learn about DAN! Defeat Autism Now practioners/doctors

Supplements - reviewing amounts then scroll down to patient 
links and it is called "supplement review Form" powdered aminos!!! maple sugar, liquid minerals, Nutribiotic Deodorant Stick, Beyond clean, nadh $34, Super digestive enzyme caps $19, Pycnogenol $40, cholacol $12, same $29,

If your child has visible symptoms like shiners, red skin, bumpy skin, etc see Bock's presentation at the 2005 Long Beach DAN webcast at and also read Doris Rapp's book "Is this your child?"
For tongues see to get inspired about and learn about biomed detailed book sthat explained a lot of the supplements in DAN terms  Julie's book and website download shows to your ipod from autism one chewable dha and enzymes GF oatmeal (there are more brands than this too) great ideas for poop ideas for the must try first biomed supplements (all things being equal - if you 

Allergy testing (delayed food allergies)

Far infared sauna

Some alternative health professionals have them in their offices, ie chiropractors and nutritionists
Some Gold's Gyms have them the kids we have, recommended by Dr Sherry Rodgers in "Detoxify or Die"
Best to use organic towels in the sauna, or at least well laundered 100% cotton one. Use unscented laundry soap, preferably with as few chemicals as possible. All the scents will be magnified in the heat of the sauna. 
Ideally buy or use a unit with solid untreated poplar wood that uses NO glues, laminates, plywood, formaldehyde, paint, or stains. 
Heavenly Heat is recommended by Dr William Rea, here is one site that sells

Read more about Saunas here (also search the onibasu site for  more posts)

Essential oils ,

Muscle testing

Weston A Price