These are goals... not rules!

  • Drink 10 glasses a day of filtered water or glass bottled mineral water as much as possible.
  • Stressed out? Pray, drink mineral water, take a pinch of baking soda in a Tsp of water
  • Avoid soy (exception when eating out, soy may have been included)
  • No gluten, no wheat
  • Try to stay more alkaline – 6.8 ph is good for me
  • No coffee, even avoid decaf coffee except for maybe 1x per week
  • Drink more herb tea, less black tea
  • Supplements per day: 500mg Calcium Citrate/250mg Mag Citrate (note: 12/06 replaced the Calcium with Nettle)
  • Selenium from brazil nuts – approx half a organic brazil nut per day
  • No fluoride (no fluoride in toothpaste or at dentist) – it’s a neurotoxin
  • Remove mercury amalgams ( I removed approx 7, I still have 2 small ones under crowns, replace with composite. Use a dentist that follows the Huggins protocol
  • FIR Sauna approx 1x/week
  • Avoid microwaving foods
  • Avoid food or drink that has been heated or hot in plastic.
  • Avoid foods that is acidic (ie tomatoes, lemon, distilled or RO water) that has been stored in plastic or metal – esp aluminum
  • Avoid nonstick cookware, esp if it is scratched
  • ½ cup to 1 cup of organic whole milk yogurt /day (with cinnamon and stevia)
  • Use shampoo and soap from Whole Foods (less chemicals)
  • Stop highlighting hair with chemicals, only use henna
  • No deodorant – use baking soda instead
  • Switched to makeup from Whole Foods – foundation and Blush – no BISMUTH
  • Stopped using lipstick except for special occasions (most contains BISMUTH), only use a more holistic chap stick
  • Skin and hand lotion is more natural – either cocobutter/coconut oil, or the lotion from 
  • Avoid suntan lotion – on special occasions use California Baby version (titanium based)- I need Vit D from the sun, don’t stay out more than 1 hour without coverup
  • Very moderate exercise – walking or equivalent approx 60 min/week, yoga 1x a week, stretch 10 min/day
  • Sit on a exercise ball for computer work part of the day
  • Replaced windows in house with new double paned ones – much less mold and condensation in house now