Dr Weil cites studies and supports acupuncture for kids for increase relaxation or to to reduce pain

Assistive Technology (AT) see how HTS uses AT to help students communicate

And contact HTS if you are interested in bringing your child to the AT Lab in Palo Alto see the Quick Talk app - amazing - this is from a family with two kids that are non verbal - yet they are able to communicate so much!!!

See the Technology section of this page (search on technology) 
Also, Betsy Hicks has a great interview on this topic with Matthew Duning - see AutismOne radio,,20147325,00.html  Jamie Burke’s story two articles written via fc by kids

Notes from presentation by Dr Ricki Robinson at ICDL 2003 conference: “FC and DIR can it work?”…Dr R explains some lessons learned: if it (FC) functions astheir voice – must use all the time, open pandora’s box of emotions, nonbelievers can railroad progress, often writing content and behavior are disconnected, eventually lead to increased expressive language output.


Auditory and CAPD traetments Tomatis  The Listening Program, interesting case studies (see Studies) therapeutic listening, interesting case studies too Hemi-sync, can be played on stereo speakers, headphones optional IM, designed to help improve motor planning, sequencing and timing related books/articles Samonas , Fast ForWord, IM music, visual, and vestibular input together, see the streaming movies  Samonas, enhances listening and learning, after Berard AIT or Tomatis site that compares the different approaches comparing different approaches   Berard AIT, Tomatis comparison comparison of Earobics, Fast ForWord, LiPS Fast ForWord Earobics LiPS Lindamood bell, note local clinic may have monthly intro with raffle see LiPS - materials CAPD site Music for special needs kids auditory processing organization

Autism and education This site has excellent articles regarding education implications of Asperger's. Click the Education link on the left side of the page. 
This pamphlet by the NIMH is a great introduction to autism. It discusses causes, interventions, educational implications, and even ways to help the child's family cope more effectively. 
Article on the early indicators of autism spectrum disorders in the second year of life. 
This website from the Autism Society gives lots of information, including how autism impacts education. 
Teaching tips for children and adults with autism by Temple Grandin. 
Structured teaching strategies for supporting students with autism. 
Effective programming for young children with autism (Ages 3-5)=20 
List of articles dealing with autism spectrum. 
Tips for teaching students with high-functioning autism. IEP center for students with autism, including database of sample IEPs. 
Asperger's syndrome guide for teachers- written from parent  perspective.  behavior_management.htm
Behavior management: getting to the bottom of social skills deficits.  Social Skills Interventions for Students With Autism

Behavioral Approaches, ie ABA

While I don't have firsthand experience with ABA, I can share some more behavioral approaches that we use in addition to our Floortime approach. For example, he loves videos, and while I limit his TV watching to 30 minutes or less a day, I still want to take advantage of the time. So, I've also found that he learns well if I pause his favorite videos and insist on answers to questions before the video continues (if he becomes frustrated I give up and let him watch for 5 min alone so he can relax, then I start pausing the video to engage him again "How does Thomas feel?" "What's going to happen next?" "oh no, who ate the cake?"). excellent site for parents new to Autism or considering ABA

Dentistry can make a difference- biological 

moved the GFCF tips to this 
see also 
Vitamins and supplements section

Diet-SCD  official site  many tips, recipes, etc support group only goat DCCC- best for PDD/ASD


I am a huge fan of Weston A Price.Helps my family a lot to use many of his learnings! the best place to start

Digestion-learning about  click on the video of Dr Sanford RothSee book: Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments (Have We Done Everything We Can For This Child? Individuality In An Epidemic) 



Brain drainage, Total systemic drainage, lymphatic drainage
Intercellular hydration andrew goldsworthy paper - cellular membrane rigidity and leakage

Dyspraxia treatments

See book: The secret life of the dyslexic child

See book: the Gift of Dyslexia

See article Is your child Dyslexic?

And contact the Schwab Foundation for Learning at (800) 230-0988.

EEG  test ( Seizure meds or learn what to avoid)

Many kids on the spectrum also experience hidden seizure activity (sub-clinical, spikes, etc). 


EEG test introduction (Epilepsy Foundation - USA ) 

Specialized EEG called DEEP


Request a copy of the FINAL written report & the electronic EEG study on DVD (in case later need to share with other professional )

Facilitated Communication FC (augmentative devices) 

see AT section

Feldenkrais  audio tapes, video: The Feldenkrais Method with Children Who Have Learning Disabilities, Feldenkrais For Children with Stephen Rosenholtz "Move like the Animals" and "Monkey Moves"
Book: The Brain's Sense of Movement: Perspectives in Cognitive Neuroscience Alaine Bertholz (movement and cognitive relationship)
Book: The Mind and The Brain 
Book: A Basis For Sensorimotor Development – Homepage for Anat Baniel, leading expert in working with Children with Special Needs. Marin County. Resources for parents, articles, referrals, and information. – 90 day training in the Anat Baniel Method, based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais. Unique Mastery Training in working with Infants & Children. – Homepage for Joseph Feinstein, Anat Baniel Method for Children practitioner and Feldenkrais practitioner. Specializes in working with children for improved movement, breathing, and speech.

Floortime in general  The floortime foundation!  Especially helpful tip is to search this site using google advanced search, see This list is best for parents and caregivers who are implementing a comprehensive program for their children with autistic spectrum disorders. The primary purpose of the list is to provide information and support for those implementing a program based on the work of Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Weider. amazing Floortime site full of great info
Floortime repository  The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders. Features information on upcoming conferences, publications including books, audio and video tapes, and the following additional information...  Autism Conference November 2003. Recording of Stanley Greenspan, see Wednesday November 19th at 3:15pm, He comes in at about 17 1/2 minutes into the broadcast.  Public Radio Show recording featuring an interview with Greenspan for about the first 15 minutes.... Here is a really cool parent story The book, the Boy who loved windows is a wonderful account of a family who floortimes school and floortime school and floortime school and floortime

Floortime in schools

Some schools today that formally practice DIR/floortime principles. Here are ones I’ve heard of: Here is a summary list (with additions): 

Celebrate the Children in NJ,

Lionheart in Georgia , 

Oak Hill School Sausalito CA, 415-331-7601, 

Smart Start in Santa Monica, CA 310-452-5437

Montclair State University demonstration preschool in New Jersey

One in Chicago, IL contact Cawn/Krantz Development Therapies for name

My son's school is not Floortime based...but it is full inclusion, small ratio, and good accommodations to sensory integration and I can highly   

Contact  to ask for a longer list!
You can also buy the audio tapes of a DIR in schools session at a past ICDL conference

Gestault learning
"Gestalt learning refers to acquiring things as "whole pieces," rather than sums of component parts. Gestalt language means that a child learns entire phrases or other language chunks as indivisible wholes, as opposed to individual words that could be moved around, re-ordered, or re-combined with other words to make new phrases/sentences. A typical example of this is the way (my son) learned to say good-bye. He would always say, "Bye -- see ya later!" because that was the farewell at the end of every Blues Clues episode. He didn't acquire it as a series of 4 separate words that might be used in different contexts; it was one language "chunk," and it was the *only* chunk for the purpose of saying good-bye. This learning style means that kids will pick up video-talk, common social niceties, and often, very mature sounding vocabulary (from adults), but not have particularly flexible or fluent use of the language. Now that (he) is 6.9, he is starting to ask for definitions of individual words that he's been using correctly in conversation for years (such as "more" and "older"). I believe that he's finally starting to understand words as separate entities that exist in various contexts, rather than always part of some larger, memorized language Gestalt." Sandra Shove, a very articulate and perceptive special needs parent!  description of the brain as relates to 
Floortime tips for a 
Gestault learner

different from but similar to therapeutic horseback riding
See some local places here


My book recommendations about inclusion and mainstreaming

Kinesiology (BioEnergetic Testing, EAV,  Autonomic Response Testing, etc)


Neurodevelopmental- ie BrainGym  exercises simlar to Piaget's Thinking Goes to School


re: WildDivine: I just meant that the Playattention might be more kid friendly in terms of theme, images, and introduction to the exercises. The exercises themselves are a very good idea and once I think my son can understand enough, mom offered to give us the software to use/try.

I am interested personally in the neurofeedback game that works with a Playstation. I think they have probes and you have to think or breathe a certain way to get your car to go (race) on a playstation. It's a thing that I recall plugs into a playstation. Here is the site

Book "Biofeedback for the Brain" by Paul Swingle


Nutrition - improving

NANP—National Association of Nutrition Professionals ( ). 
This organization includes students and graduates of long-time educational institutions such as Clayton College of Natural Health ( ) and Bauman College (  ),

Parent's health and wellbeing

Perceptual movement  interesting book list

Sensory integration and OT  good introduction   The BEST and most complete archive of files for OT/SI  ideas for therapy full of introductory articles and resource links discussion board and great files in the files area informative articles and resources many sensory integration links sensory integration heavy work sample sensory diet the Ayres clinic, see the FAQ under "know more"  the Alert program the At Ready approach an introduction materials/toys - my favorite. multiwriter, dot-to-dots, pencil grips, finger crayons, rubberband ball, rainbo maker, forns, wikki stix, grabbers, cutting food box, wind-up toys, Diane Henry's site (OT), great ideas/books  materials/toys materials/toys materials/toys, esp larger therapy items for OT/PT, ie swings materials/toys materials/toys, Pressure vests    materials/toys, Pressure vests  materials/toys, Pressure vests   good links for si swing and climbing wall instructions oral motor, mealtime related products and articles workshops, and excellent sensory related book/audio selection author site, excellent books, good extra ideas/links weighted T shirts weighted clothes training, products more easy maze books oral motor, straw/bubble therapy, site of a popular author/protocol to make a weighted lap frog floortime/dir approach


See DAN!

Medical- homeopathy

Playdates and Social  Great attachment with ideas for playdates with 3 year old and typical peers  Playdates with typically developing peers, and a link to melinda spring’s interesting but more aba like playdate ideas  Playdate game ideas  more melinda spring  

Teaching others how to respect, help, communicate with, and have vision for persons with disabilities

Processing speed – research?


Propolis diffuser



List of books for parents and teachers about inclusion / mainstreaming middle school Tips for Finding a Good School for special needs more tips, but you will have to join that yahoo group to read the message


Schools-homeschooling for special needs ;

Shadow aide  a person writing a book on this subject  hourly rates and the school district  facilitating? Facilitating for a boy named Graham  tips from someone who is an aide  Using A Faciliator At School  FACILITATING FOR A CHILD IN A TYPICAL CLASSROOM How to request a one-to-one aide tips - Guidelines for Selecting Alternatives to Overreliance on Paraprofessionals  iep and paraprofessionals

Sleep sanctuary

Sensory Motor Integration SMI

Parviz Youssefi, who runs the GMS Institute's Sensory Motor Integration division in a giant gym in Manassas

Social thinking really helpful notes from a workshop

and abstract thinking

Speech therapy wonderful page of speech therapy ideas
Links to Language ( teaches kids how to recognize/decode the pattern of English as well as building working memory, effective for kids with ASD, apraxia and language delays.
Not all children will do well with Links and the program includes instruction on when you know it isn't going to work for the kid. Also teach kids that they can control themselves ("quiet sitting") and that each task is finite.


 Technology can help our kids in many ways... see how my own son has benefited from technology for homework 

Tics - treatments Tourette board is great, full of ideas   

Vision Therapy

Visual Motor  neurodevelopmental treatment, NDT, interesting bulleting on visual motor, links

Word Retrieval ( Word finding ) - researching  floortime idea retrieval

Vision Therapy


I think that yoga is great and breathe control /proper breathing is very important. I have the yoga for the special child book and did try some of it on my son...I should pull it out and revisit as he is way more capable now. Here is my last tip (I am a big note taker) on this subject Yoga positions, great! Get the nice yoga cards and or poster from  and there is a nice book from amazon "yoga for the special child" 4.0 I ask him to pick one of three yoga cards or positions…we hold it for a count of 20. I have the yogakids video, but that hasn't worked for us...I am hoping to add the breathing soon