Floortime Talk

Here are some examples of what Floortime sounds like....most of the examples are from our play...but some are from the observations of the Floortime video series by Weider and Greenspan ( www.icdl.com ).

To quote Stanley Greenspan from the tapes referenced above,  "We want the gleam in his eye, the subtle flirtation. The aware, alert look. Use enthusiasm and high affect. We need the continuous flow. Ask him new questions, ones you don’t know the answer to. Go slow enough to give him time to respond. Use WAA Words affect action. "

At 2 and 3 years: 
(while playing with 2 remote control soccer players - note most of his responses are gestures or actions at this point- I am doing ALL the verbal talking!)
ready set go.....
oh no, stuck, red stuck
I’ll help
Here I come
Oh no, N, I’m stuck, oh no, help
Oh...thank you, thank you thank you
Should we trade?
ohhhh crash....runnnnnn...oh no...run
uh oh, stuck, help
thank you!
oh no, stuck again, help!
Are we all done?
more! (him talking or showing non-verbally!!!)
(him talking or showing non-verbally!!!)
help please help!
Move tommy

(while playing with connect four)
Red, red red black black....
These are yours
These are mine
my turn
ok, here
are we done?

(make an obstacle course...of masking tape squares on the carpet, pillows to jump on, a tunnel, etc)
(the watcher has to say “123 go” or “ready set go” before the person can start)
oh, that’s funny

it’s not in there
I don’t know
huuu, I looked everywhere
You tell me where it is
am I getting closer
I see it, oh thank you for telling me
We found it! Oh good. 
Should we do it again?

let’s go to the park!
sing a song – to the tune of the potty song....:”we are going to the park park, we are going to the park park, we are going to the park right now”

ohhhhhh   uhhhhh oooooooo
can’t reach (giggle)
too far (giggle)
i want green balloon (giggle)
should we try again?
oh oh oh uhhhhhhhhh
(too heavy) yes, too heavy
i really want it (giggle)

At 4.0 years 
Mom: Looks like there was a problem 
Mom: I don’t know, what can I do to help? 
N: Let’s go see a map 
Mom: Can I help? 
N: Yes 
Mom: How’s that, how did I do? 
N: you did good 
Mom: What are we doing now? 
Mom: What’s happening 
Mom: Can you explain what we are doing now? 
N: I don’t want to talk to you 
Mom: Oh, well I want to talk to you 
Mom: What’s going to happen now? 
N: Don’t do that 
Mom: Can I have a turn? 
Mom: No, I going to turn this on

At 4.3 years

N: Put this on down here
Mom: OK, which train to you want
N: I want the, I want the little tiny car
Mom: OK, that’s all the trains, come on over
Mom: What train to you want?
N: How bout how bout how bout ellebor?
N: Ellebor?
N: How bout ellebor, a train?
Mom: What color is ellabor?
N: Green, He’s green
Mom: Oh. Boco?
N: There’s there’s gorden. There’s there’s all the coaches. James wanta pull the coaches
Mom: Those are special coaches
N: I remember james
Mom: I remember james too
Mom: What can I play with?
N: Yeah me too, I like james coaches
Mom: I found james coal car
N: Where’s james’..where’s where’s where’s where’s where’s …where’s james we have. Where’s james with with red. Where another. How bout, where’s james? Look, we lost James
Mom: No, we didn’t lose him….He’s….. under
N: Look look. There’s james!
Mom: There he is….There is beautiful red james
Mom: Wo hooo
Mom: Ohhhh
N: Boco
N: James boco puff away
Mom: Hello james
N: I going to see whatchoma. Hey whatyawa, goodbye (then starts humming)
Mom: Oh, excuse me james, can I come too?
N: No, stay here. Til I get back…going to the station
Mom: Well when are going to get back? James?
N: I going to the station now. You are going to get back. 
Mom: But james, how bout me/
N: Hmm uhmm mm mm You not
Mom: But I
N: There is a station. …I have a huhuhuh . A station is said james. He said Goodbye
Mom: Oh, goodbye james…What can I do?
N: You do some work, there’s topham hat. Topham hat is waiting
Mom: Where is he? 
N: He’s he’s he’s waiting. He’s waiting in the …..
Mom: Where is Topham hat waiting? (Note: I was trying and couldn’t find him)
Mom: (theatrical aside)…Uhm, Nicholas, Nicholas, do you want the signals?
N: Yeah, I want this one , it the. He he … (picking up tracks and building)
Mom: (theatrical aside)… Nicholas, should I get topham hat?
N: Yes. Uhm Uhm Yes
Mom: OK
N: He’s a Duck. He sees Duck. 
Mom: Hi James (as Duck)

N: My color. I want station, I want to move station. 
Mom: Ok, you can move it
N: I want to move it there
Mom: OK
N: You want it there
Mom: Yeah
N: I want this one
Mom: You want the roof on the station?
N: Yeah
Mom: You want the station to be very very super close to the tracks?
N: Yeah, 
Mom: Hi James, hi there james
N: He went to the huhu
Nicholas, look what I found, just like you told me (I finally found topham hat)
N: Where’s splatter?
Nicholas, do you want mommy to go look for splatter?
N: Uhm
Mom: Just tell me if you need some help ok
N: Ok
Mom: Hello, james…my name is topham hat. ………
Mom: James, what are you doing james?
N: Well, I have the stay de sure hm hm (little hum)
Mom: Did you make a mistake james/
N: You wod e whir a la …say enough
Mom: What’s enough?
Mom: Nicholas, what is he doing
Mom: Uhm, excuse me toad
N: I going to see james’ driver
Mom: What’s 
N: Toad see james. Hello james
Mom: Nice to see you toad
N: I talk to (for) james. You talk to (for) toad. 
Mom: OK, I’ll talk FOR toad
Mom: Hello James, how are you?
N: Well, hen de I go, sister hr eee eeee, well look, there’s my daderaca I must go. Ha Thomas, he puffed away
Mom: Wait, James, you forgot something
Mom: Come back
N: He de he…he took the brea. I want big Thomas, Go get big Thomas
Mom: Oh, Nicholas, where should I look for big Thomas?
N: In the in the in the box
Oh, the box
N: It’s over to the tv room, go get it
Mom: Ok, I’ll go get it. Should I get it now/ or maybe wait 5 minutes/
N: Uhm, get it now
Mom: Should I get it fast or slow
N: Slow, right now, walk 
Mom: OK I’m walking really slow, watch me
N: Walk this, no, walk like this
Mom: That’s kind of fast, is that ok if I walk fast like this? 
N: No, walk like this…uda uda ggg swing your arms
Mom: Ok, is this good?
N: No, MORE…..more, more

At 4.8 years

N: hey, what’s this?
M: that’s the reading railroad
N: you need, where’s the stomp one?
M: you mean the shoe? Hmmmmm here’s the thimble. You want the thimble?
N: what’s this one?
M: it’s the thimble
N: you be the thimble
M: ok, I’ll be the thimble. You be the …(waiting)…..apricot
N: No the car, I be the car and you be a barrow
M: oh good, I like to be a wheelbarrow, I can carry things
N: then, then, you see the one 2, 3 (moving along the board. 
M: here’s your money
N: 10, 9, 8. I love money
M (counting the money out)
N: that’s not the way. One dollar. You got 1 dollar
M: Ok you ready to play now? You got your money?
N: I get one, you get , you get, and you get. One for you and one for me. And one for mommy and one for nik/me, and one and this one for me/you…and one for …hmmm, and one for, and one for me
M: I think we’ve ready to play now
N: you got. And I got (wants to hand out more money)
M: a 20 for nicholas and a 20 for mommy
N: and this is for Nicholas and this is for Nicholas
M: ok, ready to play?
N: yes
M: ok, what do we need next? (pause) What else do we need?
N: you have to win
M: you have to win? Ok let’s go. Who’s first?
N: (looking around for the dice) oh, oh, it’s over there, I do it. 
N: (rolling the dice) escalators escalators (he learned this from sponge bob) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. he gonna go on that thing
M: which way does the arrow point? (he was trying to move backwards)
N: no, don’t say that
M: we are playing this way
N: we have to go, this and this. Now I got, I got. Hmmm. 1-2. 
M: Community chest, you get to pick a card
N: nope, nope, that’s not good card, that’s not good card., what bout this?
M: well this is a good one
N: hey hey, what’s this?
M: That says property is assessed, you have to pay taxes. 
N: (tries to pick a card from chance). 
M: Hey you didn’t land on chance, you landed on community chest. My turn. Where are the dice. Under your bottom (we are looking around)
N: You have to win
M: shake shake 
N: hey, and then you go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
M: oh, 5. But I only have 4 on my dice. 1, 2, 3, 4. 
N: nope, you have to go. This is 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. 
M: ok, you want to pretend like I got 7, ok I got 7 let’s go. I have 4 + 4 =8. 3+4=7. 
N: nope (changing dice). Yeah yeah . how bout 7
M: one can be a 3 and one can be a 4. or 6 and 1. 
N: oh my. Let’ you got, not this card. Hmm, that’s a nice one 
M: that’s a super nice one with a train on it. Can I see it? (he gives it to me) Take a ride on the reading, if you pass go collect 200. Can I have this one, or do I have to pick that one?
N: go to jail and another one. 
M: oh, I have to go to jail, I’m in jail, your turn, here you go
N: hmm hmmm escalators escalators
M: you go 5+1 = 6. 
N: and then I got to the question mark. 
M: you got- ok let’s go with that (he should have moved 1 more to Vermont_)
N: (moves to Vermont on his own)
M: oh, you’re so smart. Would you like to buy a house?
N: what I gonna do money? Where’s the (mumble) do? (stands up to leave the room ) stay there, I be right back. (goes to find some coins in another room.) I’m gonna get the money. Ok, I’m coming. 
M: ok, just give me a quarter for the house. 
N: oh, it’s almost zero
M: what happens at zero
N: well it’s well it’s soon it’s no more minutes
M: well, what will we do when it’s no more minutes?
N: play the computer
M: oh you’re going to play the computer. But what do we have to do first (looking at the game) 
N: clean . wait, stay there. I get I going to I going to get. I got it. Look, look, it’s almost zero (brings me the time timer)
M: you’re right
N: well I just put, I just put. (takes the time timer and puts it back in the family room, then takes a clock next to it and walks away)
M: where are you taking the clock? (pause) To mommy’s room?
N: no, to my room
M: well. Why do you need a clock?
N: Because I do. (heads downstairs to the computer)
M: well before we play computer what do we need to do?
N: Clean up
M: that’s right 
N: (helps to clean up first)

At 5.0 years:

n: hey, just play, we play computer 
m: where’s my guy? Help. 
n: he’s not doing, nah 
m: let me see that book, goldilocks and the 3 bears 
n: you just you just read the book. 
M: ok, come here, I’ll read the book 
N: Read the book, I clean up the game room 
m: but where are you going? Where do I read the book? 
n: I going to clean up the game room, (so) I can play computer 
m: ok, but where do you want me to read the book? where 
n: just just just just m: yeah 
n: just just just, gimme that 
m: ok, what do you want me to do?...i need a project 
n: actually, i just cleaning up...oh don’t, i going to, but i going to ...what you ... 
m: hey, but what about i want to help, can i help? 
m: wow, ok, i go this, i’m going to help you, I put the book in this (I put the book in the drawer with the cars on purpose) n: this belongs with the cars. This is a car drawer 
m: oh sorry sorry sorry, you’re not a car, you are a book, you need to go with the books 
n: this go something else 
m: ok, I’ll put it with the books, here we go with the books, right here (I put it on top of candyland). Ok, I put it with the books 
n: that’s candyland 
m: oooh i love candyland 
n: we just playing computer 
m: but what about candyland? 
n: we play candyland tomorrow. 
m: ok, so what do we need to do with candyland now 
n: we do not ( mumble) so we can play computer 
m: ok, i need the candyland box 
n: yes, i clean up, you clean up this, i clean up these m: ok, i guess that’s ok...uhm, here you go, here’s all the candyland pieces 
n: ok, this goes with the fire (it is a firestation – part of a playset). Where’s the fire engine 
m: oh, the fire engine’s missing 
n: ok, we just leave it here 
m: ok. I’m putting candyland away (he notices that I put a doll named sam in the candyland box) here’s the candyland pieces 
n: hey this is a sam, this (doesn’t) go in here 
m: ouch, my nose, you hurt my nose (taking for sam) 
n: put it with sam, i mean i put it with tommy (another doll). I put it with tommy 
m: ok, where’s tommy ? (knowing tommy is in another room). Where is tommy, hmmm (he looks around quite a bit within this room) …is tommy in the toilet or the kitchen?
n: I put, hey maybe I put (mumble) (puts in behind the couch) 
m: you put it behind the couch … 
n: (finds a bob the builder toy)…wait a minute, please put this on the, with the bob the builder 
m: ok, I’ll put it with the bob the builder. Do you want it with the bob the builder playdough or upstairs? 
n: bob I said the bob the builder oh where upstairs, you put it upstairs 
m: .. 
n: and you clean up this m: after I clean up candy land, then what? 
n: I just clean up these m: oh I’m feeling hungry for a hot dog and a carrot… n: but we just play computer m: what are you looking for? 
n: hey, it’s only, you get it already, i finding...it’s it’s ..look look it’s look it it’s it’s uhm, this go with the it’s it’s terrance wheel, tractor. Put ot right with the trains 
m: ok, give it to me n: these goes with the trains too 
m: but what about i’m still hungry n: well just just i clean up the cars 
m: i’m still hungry n: this goes with the bob the builder too m: ok, which bob the builder, the playdough bob the builder? 
n: no, the one that’s upstairs m: ok, put, how bout my tummy and i’m looking at that turkey looks really yummy n: well , i think you got it (mumble) 
n: hey, look at this, it sticks (he throws in on the sliding glass door and it sticks) 
m: yeah, fun ball, it sticks . you’re right 
n: well let’s play computer m: wait we for got something, there’s still...a little bit of 
n: (laughs) mess, you’re right. But I just clean up already 
m: but we still have some little problem 
(goes on another 5-10 minutes, finally he plays the computer).


At 6.0 years:

Wow, he has made so much progress, he has some very related, articulate, and complex conversations. We have come so far!!! i will add a transcript soon so that you can "see"...He still has word retrieval issues (almost like stuttering), plus he has grammar errors and sentence fragments and some articulation issues...but he's communicating beautifully...and he has friends and he can communicate really well with his friends too!!!